World Languages Program

World Languages Program

What is World Languages?

The primary goal of Lincoln's World Languages Program is to capitalize on the important windows of opportunity for language acquisition which many studies show exist in young children, and to do so in a fun and stimulating environment! Children in the program acquire listening skills and develop the basis for conversation. They are also exposed to the cultures of the countries in which their chosen language is spoken. To meet those objectives, the instructors incorporate game playing, singing songs, art projects, story telling, play-acting, and other teaching methods appropriate for elementary level students. English is used as little as possible. The World Languages program is facilitated by instructors who are native speaking and/or have foreign language instructional backgrounds. Instructional materials are rotated to ensure that students do not receive the same curriculum within a language level. Textbooks and other materials, carefully selected by the instructors, are used in class and included in the class fee.

Unsure about which language or level would best suit your child?

World Languages is designed to introduce the fundamentals of foreign language and culture learning to kids before they are required to choose a modern language as a core element of their education at Roosevelt Middle School. World Languages offers two broad approaches to language learning:

  • Approach 1: Choose a different language option each year at Lincoln, thereby sampling and gaining insights into each, being able to make a more informed choice as to which single language they would prefer to commit to at Roosevelt Middle School. Please note that Chinese (Mandarin) is not currently offered at Roosevelt Middle School, but has been added to the World Languages lineup in the spirit of broadening students' world views and by popular demand.

  • Approach 2: Use the three year exposure to the World Languages program at Lincoln to focus on only one language (Spanish, Italian, or French), thereby gaining more advanced knowledge of that specific language prior to moving on to Roosevelt.

Use your best judgment about what is the right approach for your child and feel free to contact the World Languages committee for guidance. Keep in mind that most beginner classes open to Grade 1-4 tend to be filled with younger students. Frequently fourth graders are unhappy in a class with predominantly first and second graders and this is something you may want to discuss with your child prior to enrollment. Also note that during the first two weeks of the program, your child's ability will be re-assessed by the World Languages teachers, and at that stage recommendations may be made for level switches, if deemed necessary, by the World Languages teachers and/or yourself.


Classes begin the week of September 10th and end the 3rd week in April through the beginning of May (depending on the class and sessions missed due to holidays). If you receive a message that the section you have chosen is back ordered, that means that particular section is full. You may fill out the wait list request and/or choose another section (you may do both). World Language fees are not refundable once classes begin.

  • Morning Class (7:30 AM - 8:15 AM)
  • Lunch Class (11:30 AM - 12:25 PM)
  • After School Class (3:15 PM - 4:00 PM)

For more information, please contact:

World Languages Coordinator Katie Iammartino and Alexis Murphy at: [email protected]


To ensure that Lincoln PTO programs run smoothly and your child has a positive experience, we are asking that all parents and children read, understand, and adhere to the Lincoln PTO Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Please be aware that PTO-sponsored events are facilitated by volunteers and instructors solicited by the PTO. D90 personnel are often not in attendance or on the school premises. FLIP coordinators, the PTO and Lincoln Principal would like to remind you that FLIP is a peanut free activity. Thank you for helping keep Lincoln a safe learning environment for everyone.